Who uses Hook-Um Dano Ladder Locks

Air Conditioning Contractors
Duck Cleaning Contractors
Building Maintenance Contractors
Building Services
City of Portland
Communications Contractors
Data Communications Contractors,
Electrical Contractors,
Data Contractors
Fire Protection,
Fire Systems
Home Inspectors
Painting Contractors
Heating Cooling Contractor
Cable Installers


Contractors love the
Hook-Um Dano Ladder Lock.

No more wires, ropes, straps or bungee cords.

On and off in less than 30 seconds.

Locks your ladders down tight.

Made of heavy gauge steel.

It’s about protecting your ladders
and your business.

Allows for double stacking.

No tools needed.

Pest Control Contractors
Plumbing Contractors
Power Washing Contractors
Property Inspections
Rural Electric Cooperative
Satellite Communications
Safety Supply Dealers
Security Surveillance Contractors
State Of Vermont Fleet
Telecommunications Contractors
Truck Trailer Accessories Dealers
Wireless Communications Contractors
Window Cleaning Contractors
Electric Companies
Gas Companies
Power Lighting